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We plan the regular EPBF/UPBF meeting in Amsterdam on Feb.11
All the Federations are invited (affiliated and not-affiliated)! If you plan to come, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 World Champ U19's

With T.V., movies, computers, and video games becoming more and more popular, it has become so much easier for teens to be by themselves rather than going out with friends. Kids used to go hang out at the mall or drive around town; now they just sit at home. Getting into a sport gives them an opportunity to go out and socialize. Taking part in sports is good all round for young people: physically, socially, and mentally. Recent researches show that middle-school teenagers who are physically active and play on sports teams are more satisfied with their life and feel healthier.

While they may not find a new best friend, they will learn how to interact and work as a team; something they’ll find useful later in life. Tte paintball as team sport is a great way for teens to get out of the house, get moving, make friends, and even get a scholarship to college. 


That`s why European Paintball Federation decided to find the new directions, like looking in the future by developing the youths sport. The decision was to focus on the program of bringing new players in paintball, and the only possibility for that is to push the youths sport development.

The World Championship U19 took place in Chantilly (France) on 15-17 September 2017.
This year we had 9 National Federations representing their U19 National teams for the European Championship. 


The teams were placed in three groups of three teams each, to play the remaining two in their group. The two best-placed teams from each group advanced to the Quarter-finals.

Last year's World Champion, French National team, ost to Russia in Quarters and did not get to playoff. They are only 6th in total. 

Norway lost to Great Britain in semis 2:3 in a hard game, missing only a little bit for win ...

Russia lost to Italy in semi-finals 1:3. That unexpected result offered to Italian team a way to the World Champions title but the result of their final game with Great Britain was devastating: not a single match won!!  


One more surprise during the event was provided by the "Head Office" - a double rainbow after a short Thunderstorm! We also got lucky there because the huge storm with a flood passed round us by leaving just a gift on the sky.

Besides that there was also a Championship for younger players, from 12 to 16 years old, organized by French Federation on the same location. The format was different for youngers, they played 3man format with mechanical 50 cal guns only.


We would like to congratulate all the participants, the National Teams and all the National Federations that were involved in the organization. Thanks must go to the Euroref guys for all their hard work, and those who helped to produce the very best paintball atmospheres – the spectators!



National teams participated:






INVITATION LETTER (download PDF format)

REGISTRATION FORM (download PDF format) - please send it to vika(@)epbf.net to register a National team




Participants: Youth national teams only, consisting of players from that nationality, but from different club teams. 
Age limit: 1998-2001. 
Teams limit: 8 teams. If registered more then 8, the qualification system will be applied.
Format: Race to 4.
Roster: 12 players (only 10 per game allowed).
Qualification system: Direct Elimination. 2 games Minimum. Teams which will lose their first game, will have to play a 2nd game for ranking purpose for 2017.

The European Referee organization Euroref will provide referees for this event. 


PARENT CONSENT FORM DOWNLOAD (for players younger then 16 years old, PDF format).


All the players of each National team should wear jerseys, designed in National colours. Jerseys of each National team`s player should be the same design.

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