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We plan the regular EPBF/UPBF meeting in Amsterdam on Feb.11
All the Federations are invited (affiliated and not-affiliated)! If you plan to come, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2016 World Cup U19

France won the U19 World Cup in Chantilly and secured the World Champion`s title for the first time!


As our veterans and women did in their catehgories, our paintball rising stars (youths) did battle in the 2016 Paintball World Cup U19 for the World Champion title for first time in our history. The World Cup U19 has been held in Chantilly on 16-18 September 2016. As we had before in other categories, European continent was the most represented, but Africa also joined the U19 World Cup by sending the South African National team this time.

Hovewer, 8 countries were represented this time, including Norway, Great Britain, France, Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany and South Africa. Before the games started, these young players from all over the world were actively participated in a remarkable opening ceremony, providing them with memories that will be cherished as their careers develop. By boosting age group competitions as a way to attract youngsters to the healthy life of sport and high competition, the U19 World Cup held in Chantilly, France contributed to this long-term goal. All 8 teams as well as their representatives and supporters gathered at the CPL field in front of the crowded stands for an opening ceremony that started around 2 PM (local time), after all protocol activities scheduled for Thursday anf Friday morning. 


The teams were placed in two groups of four teams each, to play the remaining three in their group. The two best-placed teams from each group advanced to the Semi-finals.

Last year`s European Champion, Russian National team, had scored only 1 point in three games in the competition. They lost to France in a hard game, missing only a little bit for win, but the result of their game with South Africa was devastating: not a single match won! They are only 6th in total.


South Africa easily got to semis from their grop after they won all the prelim games. France, Great Britain and Norway all managed a maximum wins to joun South Africa in semi-finals. Norway, who ended first in their group was defeat by France in semi-final game and had to play for the best third-place, when South Africa had their worse time ever with Great Britain in another semi-final game. If you saw that game you would be surprised why one player left alone on the field did not hurry to press the buzzer in overtime, having up to 20 seconds time remaining. That delay caused a draw in overtime and a very serious precendent with defining a winner of this game as the result. By following current EPBF Rules, the winner of this game has been defined by the tournament seeding, so it was Great Britain. South African team was frustrated because of their mistake and the decision taken, but everyone had to follow the rules.


So for 3rd place game there were Norway and South Afcrica, and Great Britain met France in the final game of the Worlc Cup U19. By being upset of the previous game results, South Africa lost their will to win, and Norway easily bet them 4:0.

A game for 1st place was also tough between Great Britain and France. For Great Britain it was a perfect chance to finally beat their ever competitors for the Champion`s title in Europe, but unfortunately they did not manage it this time.  

We would like to congratulate all the participants, the National Teams and all the National Federations that were involved in the organization. Thanks must go to the Euroref guys for all their hard work, and those who helped to produce the very best paintball atmospheres – the spectators!





 The Champion - French National team

 Runners Up - Great Britain National team

 3rd place - Norwegian National team

 4th place - South African National team

 5th place - Polish National team

 6th place - Russian National team

 7th place - Italian National team

8th place - German National team



Participants: Youth national teams only, consisting of players from that nationality, but from different club teams. 
Age limit: 1997-2000. 
Teams limit: 8 teams. If registered more then 8, the qualification system will be applied.
Format: Race to 4.
Roster: 12 players (only 10 per game allowed).
Qualification system: Direct Elimination. 2 games Minimum. Teams which will lose their first game, will have to play a 2nd game for ranking purpose for 2016.

The European Referee organization Euroref will provide referees for this event. 


PARENT CONSENT FORM DOWNLOAD (for players younger then 16 years old, PDF format).


All the players of each National team should wear jerseys, designed in National colours. Jerseys of each National team`s player should be the same design.


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