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2013 Championship Men`s


Photo-presentation (on YouTube)

This year the European Championship was covered on the MSTV webcast, meaning many people, who did not manage to get to Basildon, had a chance to see everything on the Internet.

However, even the best live media coverage couldn't stop the Paintball spirit! Only sitting in the  grandstands gives you the chance to touch the real paintball show, to feel our sports energy, and to plunge into the great atmosphere! Plenty of paintball fans were in the grandstands to support the national teams, to inspire them to win by cheering, waving national flags and singing the national anthems.

With 3 preliminary games, teams had a better chance to get to the quarter-finals, and the spectators had more opportunities to support their national teams. The crowds in the stands greeted the teams every time they were on field, they followed by cheers at every significant game moment by congratulating the winner.

Group leaders were defined following the several preliminary games; Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany. Their squads were amplified by players from the top Millennium CPL teams like Art Chaos and Polar Bears, London Nexus, Toulouse TonTons and Frankfurt Syndicate. Despite the strong rivals and hard games, National teams from Latvia, Austria, Ukraine and Norway also did enough to get to the quarter-finals.

Now the final eight had to fight for the semi-finals in the decisive games. For the second four it was a chance to knock out the top four. But a miracle did not happen, and the final four was the same as last year: Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany.

The fast and magnificent game between Russia and Great Britain was for 1st place. Britain were geared up to regain the title of Champions, honored in 2011, but the Russians, the Champions of 2012, were stronger. So Russia has confirmed the title of Champion in 2013. Will they be able to keep this title for 2014 as well? We will see.

Russian and Gr Britain National teams (1st and 2nd places)                                   Dmitry Berdnikov (Russia)

Russian National team Coach, Dmitry Berdnikov, legendary player from Russia, helped to lead his team to first place! Once more, the Russians have proved that their paintball school is the best in Europe!

Like always, we would like to congratulate all the participants, the National Teams and all the National Federations that were involved in the organisation.

Also, we are grateful to the Euroref guys, which were enforcing the Rules and the Fair play on the field during the Championship. Great work, guys!

And our thanks must go also go to the spectators, who stayed in the stands and supported the teams until the very last shot!

Special thanks also to the Millennium Series for the support provided for the European Championship organisation.

And one more thanks to Ricardo Campos (Portugal) for the great pictures!



The European 2013 Champion - Russian Men`s National team

Second place - Great Britain Men`s National team


Third place - French Men`s National team

4th place - German Men`s National team           5th place - Austrian Men`s National team


6th place - Norwegian Men`s National team        7th place - Latvian Men`s National team


8th place - Ukrainian Men`s National team          9th place - Belgian Men`s National team


10th place - Swedish Men`s National team         11th place - Polish Men`s National team


12th place - Swiss Men`s National team        13th place - Lithuanian Men`s National team

14th place - Italian Men`s National team            15th place - Greek Men`s National team


Participating conditions

EPBF-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 500 EUR;
- jerseys conditions: the price is 35 EUR + VAT.

Non-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 1000 EUR;
- jerseys conditions: the price is 35 EUR + VAT.


Tournament regulations

Participants: Men National Teams only, consisting of players from that nationality, but from different club teams.
Age limit: No limits.
Teams limit: No limit. If registered more then 16, the qualification system will be applied.
Format: Race to 4.
Roster: 12 players (only 10 per game allowed).
Qualification system: Group of 4 teams (3 games). Best 2 of each groups qualified for quarter finals.


The European Referee organization Euroref will provide referees for this event.


For more information contact Victoria Sarantseva - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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