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We plan the regular EPBF/UPBF meeting in Amsterdam on Feb.11
All the Federations are invited (affiliated and not-affiliated)! If you plan to come, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013 Championship U19


The U19 competition was this year held at the first event of the Millennium Series 2013 season, in April, in Puget, France.  Being earlier in the calender than previous years, it attracted less teams than in the past as team Coaches were unable to train the National teams in time for the first event. However, this did not stop the young men in their desire to take part in the Championship and to prove to everyone that they are a reliable replacement! It is always great to see the young players on the field, it means that paintball spirit is not going to die, the youths will keep it burning!

Norway, Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia were all represented by their National Youth teams.  Youths were fighting for the right to become the best of the best among the young players under 19 years old, for the right to be called a CHAMPION!

They may not be as experienced as the elders are, but their hearts were filled with fire, desire to win, the desire to be the best, the desire to play and to play as  top-level players. The spectators  fueled the fire even more with their cheering, national flags waving, signing of anthems and constant support during all the Championship`s games!

This time Great Britain had to defend their Champions title from last year, and they were playing hard. Their games were great........but the Norwegians were better! So we have the new Champion – Norwegian U19 team. British Youths came 2nd, but they rightly were not too disappointed with this placing. Next year they will have a chance to prove again that they are the best of the best!

This was a triumph for Norway! They were playing fantastic by acting on the field as an experienced team! That was also a great job of their coach!

Our special thanks go to Euroref guys, which were working hard on the field.

We say thank you to the SPECTATORS, because the National teams would not be so good without them.

Also we would like to thank to all who helped us to organise the European U19 Championship; The Millennium Series and all the National Federations involved in the organisation.

See you next year!



The European 2013 Champion - Norwegian National team


Second place - Great Britain National team

Third place - French National team

Fourth place - Russian National team

Fifth place - German National team



Participating conditions

EPBF-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 500 EUR;
- teams should order jerseys from Maxsimum company, the special price was set to €35 per item for the amount up to 12 jerseys.

Non-affiliated National Federations:
- event registration fee - 750 EUR;
- teams should order jerseys from Maxsimum company, the special price was set to €35 per item for the amount up to 12 jerseys.

Tournament regulations

Participants: Youth national teams only, consisting of players from that nationality, but from different club teams.
Age limit: 1994-1997. No players under 1997 are allowed.
Teams limit: 8 teams. If registered more then 8, the qualification system will be applied.
Format: Race to 4.
Roster: 12 players (only 10 per game allowed).
Qualification system: Direct Elimination.

2 games Minimum. Teams which will lose their first game, will have to play a 2nd game for ranking purpose for 2014.

The European Referee organization Euroref will provide referees for this event.

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