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We plan the regular EPBF/UPBF meeting in Amsterdam on Feb.11
All the Federations are invited (affiliated and not-affiliated)! If you plan to come, please inform us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nations Cup 2011 report

Nations Cup 2011 Report

Date: 1-2.July 2011
Location: Basildon, UK

Game format: Race to 4
Roster: 12 players in the roster, 10 players per game.
Participants: National teams only.
Players age: No limits.

Number of participants
Teams: 16
Players: 178

Tournament results:

Great Britain National team
ІІ Latvian National team
ІІІ Russian National team
4 French National team
5 Portuguese National team
6 Danish National team
7 Ukrainian National team
8 Dutch National team
9 German National team
10 Norwegian National team
11 Swedish National team
12 Belgian National team
13 Polish National team
14 Greek National team
15 Swiss National team
16 Italian National team


Great Britain National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Paul Martin Captain -
Michael Downing Player Birmingam Disruption
Clint Moore Player London Nexus
Jason Wheeler Player London Nexus
Neil Campbell Player London Nexus
Tom Ormrod Player Manchester Firm
Phillip Stone Player Manchester Firm
Chris Stone Player Manchester Firm
Tony Brandon Player London Tigers
10 Richard Payne Player London Tigers
11 James Bath Player Birmingam Disruption
12 Mark Dale Pit-crew -
13 Mark Chapman Pit-crew -
14 Ayuko Turner Pit-crew -


Latvian National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Uldis Berzins Captain Hulk Kiev 2
Andreas Mirolubovs Player Hulk Kiev
Rihards Treijs Player Hulk Kiev 2
Julijs Kreslins Player All Russians 2
Maris Kiselovs Player All Russians 2
Aleksandrs Labends Player Empire Venice
Aleksejs Sturo Player All Russians 2
Sergejs Jakovecs Player Hulk Kiev 2
Vasilijs Zorovs Player All Russians 2


Russian National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Maxim Preobrazhenskiy Captain Art Chaos Moscow
2 Kirill Prikhidnyy Player Art Chaos Moscow
3 Dmitry Kulikov Player -
4 Konstantin Fedorov Player Art Chaos Moscow
5 Mikhail Knyazev Player Art Chaos Moscow
6 Vasily Panteleev Player Art Chaos Moscow
7 Yan Samoylov Player Toulouse TonTon
8 Timofey Skaballanovich Player Toulouse TonTon
9 Alexey Skaballanovich Player All Russians
10 Vlad Yanushevskiy Pit-crew Art Chaos Moscow


French National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Lyonnel Parra Captain Vision
2 Fabrice Colombo Player Toulouse TonTon
3 Loic Voulot Player Toulouse TonTon
4 Axel Gaudin Player Toulouse TonTon
5 Frank Chambon Player Toulouse TonTon
6 Kevin Coulum Player Icon
7 Cedric Caroff Player Icon
8 Nicolas Portzer Player Outrage
9 Chris Fernandez Player Outrage
10 Flavien Besnier Player Outrage
11 Max Gorecki Player Camp Carnage
12 Alban Roux Player Outrage


Portuguese National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Nuno Lourenco Coach Lisbon Benfica
2 Menkes Filipe Player Lisbon Benfica
3 Fabrico Lourenco Player Dragon Legion Porto
4 Joaco Teles Player Lisbon Benfica
5 Pedro Graaga Player Lisbon Benfica
6 Telmo Garcia Player Lisbon Benfica
7 Jorge Filipe Player Lisbon Benfica
8 Ricardo Ribeiro Player Lisbon Benfica
9 Sven de Weerdt Player Dragon Legion Porto
10 Antonio Mestre Player Dragon Legion Porto
11 Paulo Noguiera Player Dragon Legion Porto


Danish National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Michael Jensen Captain Copenhahgen PB Club
2 Daniel Fannes Player Ugly Ducklings odense
3 Mike Bech Player Ugly Ducklings odense
4 Rasmus Forsberg Player Ugly Ducklings odense
5 Morten de vos Hansen Player Copenhahgen PB Club
6 Brian Markussen Player Copenhahgen PB Club
7 Asbjorn Seerup Player Copenhahgen PB Club
8 Morten Jakobsen Player Copenhahgen Ducks
9 Jesper Sinnbeck Player Copenhahgen Ducks
10 Niels Rahbek Player Copenhahgen Ducks
11 Soeren Persson Pit-crew Ugly Ducklings odense
12 Jesper Iarsen Pit-crew Copenhahgen PB Club
13 Frank Fonnes Pit-crew Ugly Ducklings odense


Ukrainian National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Yaroslav Yanushevych Captain Hulk Kiev
2 Iegor Laptinov Player Lardi Lugansk
3 Sergiy Kuripko Player Hulk Kiev
4 Oleksandr Lavrov Player Hulk Kiev
5 Vitaliy Romanenko Player Hulk Kiev
6 Oleksandr Prystupov Player Hulk Kiev
7 Vadym Yaslynskyy Player Hulk Kiev
8 Dmytro Konobas Player Hulk Kiev
9 Dmytro Tymchenko Player Hulk Kiev
10 Andriy Azarov Pit-crew -
11 Oksana Yanushevych Pit-crew -
12 Viktor Tohayev Pit-crew -
13 Galyna Lavrova Pit-crew -


Dutch National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Daniel Middelkoop Captain Amsterdam Heat
2 Roel Beks Player Amsterdam Heat 2
3 Bernard Alsema Player Ferox Rotterdam
4 Joey Brekelmans Player Bad Boys Oss
5 Maikel van Maasacker Player Bad Boys Oss
6 Alan Goulding Player Amsterdam Heat
7 Donovan Tjon-En-Fa Player Amsterdam Heat
8 Van Brussel Player Brussels Graffiti
9 Kroon Jack Player Agression the Hague
10 Dave Dommers Player Amsterdam Heat 2
11 Roy Postma Player Amsterdam Heat


German National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Steffen Laubach Captain Frankfurt Syndicate
2 Dirk Grossmann Player Frankfurt Syndicate
3 Patrick Wrobel Player Frankfurt Syndicate
4 Mike Zschieschang Player Frankfurt Syndicate
5 Phillip Josa Steinfatt Player Frankfurt Syndicate
6 Dennis Flores Player Consilium Dei Zurich
7 Adrian Behrens Player Consilium Dei Zurich
8 Sebastian Schnader Player Ramstein Instinct
9 Erich Kempinski Player Ramstein Instinct
10 Fabian Dietz Player Ramstein Instinct
11 Malte Bohrmann Pit-crew
Frankfurt Syndicate
12 Kiefer Sohannes Pit-crew
Ramstein Instinct


Norges National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Lars Andersen Captain Drammen Solid
2 Alexander Fernandes Player Drammen Solid
3 Stian Olaussen Player Drammen Solid
4 Steffen Johnsen Player Drammen Solid
5 Knut Andre Olstad Player Frankfurt Syndicate
6 Fredrik Gulbrandsen Player Drammen Solid
7 Christopher Rønneberg Player Drammen Solid
8 Stian Haraldsen Player Drammen Solid
9 Volkan Bagci Player Izmir Angelpark
10 Tor Anders Gunneroed Player Slagen Bandits
11 Mattias Gamre Pit-crew
Izmir Angelpark
12 Steffen Wrangell Pit-crew
Izmir Angelpark


Swedish National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Pontus Rulander Captain Sugar Daddys Uppsala
2 Marco Ahlgren Player Sugar Daddys Uppsala
3 Viktor Lyseusmayainning Player Sugar Daddys Uppsala
4 Nichlas Dunham Player Sugar Daddys Uppsala
5 Gorun Ahs Player FL Charms
6 Kim Storas Player Drammen Sabotage 2
7 Mikael Waus Player Copenhagen Wikings
8 Hans Fagerstrom Player Copenhagen Wikings


Belgian National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Frank Bodart Captain Brussel Graffiti
2 Vandongen Bart Player Brussel Graffiti
3 Geoffrey Bouillon Player Breakout SPA
4 Axel Knauf Player Breakout SPA
5 Mihai Schmitz Player Breakout SPA
6 Thiago Araujo Player Brussel Graffiti
7 Claudio Klym Player Breakout SPA
8 David Delvaux Player Breakout SPA
9 Bram Werbrock Player Epidemy Lille
10 Olivier Mainville Player White Rabbits Liege


Polish National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Slawomir Pacek Captain Ranger Warsaw
2 Mateusz Krotoschak Player Ranger Warsaw
3 Robert Blaszczyk Player Ranger Warsaw
4 Krzysiek Stein Player Ranger Warsaw
5 Maciej Socharski Player 2easy Warsaw
6 Tomasz Dobrzyniak Player 2easy Warsaw
7 Jacek Parchewski Player 2easy Warsaw
8 Przemek Pietak Player Warsaw United
9 Alan Andersz Player Warsaw United
10 Maciek Kowalczyk Player Warsaw United


Greek National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Antonios Paschos Captain Argonauts
2 Palaiologou Antonis Player Dogs D’Amour Thessaloniki
3 Chris Karseras Player Dogs D’Amour Thessaloniki
4 Karageorgis Konstantinos Player Dogs D’Amour Thessaloniki 
5 Papapanagiotou Konstantinos Player Copenhagen Synergy
6 Lorusso Micheze Player Dogs D’Amour Thessaloniki
7 Kawathus Vusileios Player Argonauts
8 Perrakis Dimitris Player Argonauts
9 Nikolaus Manolitsis Player Argonauts
10 Stabolidis Nektarius Player Argonauts
11 Joseph Galanakis Pit-crew -


Swiss National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Christof Wuethrich Captain Consilium Dei Zurich
2 David Weidmann Player Consilium Dei Zurich
3 Mirco Langone Player Consilium Dei Zurich
4 Pascal Haefeli Player Consilium Dei Zurich
5 Colin Kraft
Player Consilium Dei Zurich
6 Andreas Schmied Player Consilium Dei Zurich 2
7 Patrick Jenny Player Consilium Dei Zurich 2
8 Andreas Profos Player Consilium Dei Zurich 2
9 Martin Schonberg Player Consilium Dei Zurich 2
10 Stephane Kneubuhl Player Ronins PBW Haghenau
11 Dominic Steigmeier Player Coming at Ya


Italian National Team

Players name Position
Constant Team
1 Ludovico Artz Captain -
2 Paolo Zanella Player Flying Lions
3 Simone Calvo Player Scorpions Milano
4 Luigi Valente Player Extreme Naples
5 Giuliano Russo Player Extreme Naples
6 Massimo Marcati Player -
7 Matteo Lovisolo Player Scorpions Milano
8 Giovanni Romano Player -
9 Centuria Francesco Player Decima
10 Sime Brala Pit-crew -
11 Fabrizio Calvo Pit-crew -

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