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We continue the World Championships in 4 categories in 2017! And we invite the National teams from all over the world to join our events in Europe in 2017!

World Championships in 2017!

The EPBF would once again like to welcome teams from all over the world, as we host our 2017 World Championships across all four categories: Men’s, Women’s, Under 19s and Veterans. 
We’d also like to take this opportunity to invite interest for a disabled category, to potentially be hosted in Bitburg. 
Furthermore, we would like to show our commitment and dedication to the next generation of player, by making entry completely free for our member nations into the Under 19s event in Paris. 
One of our goals moving forward is how to structure and develop our youth player base, and we are working alongside all of our federations to achieve this.
We’ve also decided to review our rulings on new teams entering these particular events. From now on, tie break situations following a five minute overtime point will no longer be decided by seeding, but move to a two minute, sudden death one-on-one. 

We’re expecting 2017 to be the biggest World Championship to date for our sport, so please register your interest as soon as possible!







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